Scenes from the 2018 JIC

All the semifinalists: Good luck to everyone! Photo credit: Angela Chaeng
Paul and Judy Silverman, hard-working JIC Steering Committee leaders!
Getting acquainted!
Our esteemed judges, Peter Stumpf, Chee-Yun, and Timothy Deighton! Photo credit: Clay Fink
Our pianists: Akira Eguchi and Eri Kang
Harriet Kaplan (JIC Executive Administrator) and Akira Eguchi (Pianist). Photo credit: Clay Fink
Akira Aguchi and Beatrice Chen; in background, Isaiah Kim and Michal Balaz. Photo credit: Laura Chen
Semifinalist Eugene Lin. Photo credit: Irene Kirkpatrick
Yixiu Lin: Time for rosin. Photo credit: Irene Kirkpatrick
Phoenix Avalon, preparing to perform. Photo credit: Clay Fink
Yixiu Lin, finished! And Phoenix Avalon, waiting to play. Photo credit: Clay Fink
Samuel Rosenthal practicing. Photo credit: Clay Fink
Pianist Akira Eguchi and finalist Juchao Zhao. Photo credit: Clay Fink
The Cooks and Sang Eun Lee (2009 first-prize cello winner). Photo credit: Clay Fink
Finalists all lined up! L to R: Krzysztof Michalski, Phoenix Avalon, Isaiah Kim, Charlotte Marckx, Yixiu Lin, Beatrice Chen, Samuel Rosenthal, Michał Balas, Julian Rhee, Juchao Zhao, James Baik. Photo credit: Angela Chaeng
Waiting for the results. Photo credit: Paul Silverman
Our composer, Joel Phillip Friedman. Photo Credit: Paul Silverman
Judy Silverman (L) and Leslie Luxemburg (R), announcing the winners. Photo credit: Irene Kirkpatrick
Congratulations to Beatrice! Photo credit: Laura Chen
Some smiling first-prize winners! L to R: Krzysztof Michalski, Michał Balas, Julian Rhee, Beatrice Chen. Photo credit: Laura Chen