Funds for all our competition awards as well as general support for all our competition related expenses are provided entirely by gifts and legacies from club members and friends, including, in some cases, those friends who have become committed to the competitions after attending the finals as members of the audience. Those listed have provided a minimum of $500 for this purpose.

The LOUIS POTTER MEMORIAL AWARD was given by his wife, Sally West Potter, starting in 1987 until she passed away in 2017. Louis Potter was a prominent and beloved pianist, organist and choral conductor who appeared on FMMC programs every year for more than 20 years. He was founder and director of the Washington Choral Society, which later merged with the Cathedral Choral Society. Sally left sufficient funds in her estate to cover the expense of this $10,000 first-place award for several years to come.

The N. MEYER AND SARAH SUGAR BAKER MEMORIAL AWARD is named for the prominent Washington attorney and his wife. It was endowed through a bequest from Mrs. Baker. She is remembered as an enthusiastic supporter and frequent member of the competition audience. The Baker Fund finances the second place award every year.

The ANN AND BETTY SCHEIN THIRD PLACE PIANO AWARD was established by our esteemed 2017 judge and long time honorary member of the FMMC. She chose to honor the memory of her mother Betty when she established this ongoing award for the piano competition.

The CHARLES AND RUTH CONNELLY ENDOWMENT was established by their niece Susan Pitney to support the rental of the Kennedy Center Terrace Theater for the final round of each year’s competition. Charles Connelly was a pianist and long-time member of the FMMC, and he served for a number of years as Foundation treasurer. His wife was an enthusiastic supporter of the FMMC and the Foundation.

The GEORGE MANOS PIANO FINALIST AWARDS are bestowed in accordance with the instructions Mr. Manos left in his estate for prizes in the piano competition which bore his name. He was a most distinguished Washington conductor and pianist who was a long time member and honoree of the FMMC.

The VIOLA MUSHER MEMORIAL AUDIENCE PRIZE has been funded by the estate of this long time and beloved member of the FMMC. Before her death, Mrs. Musher had personally financed the audience prize for many years in memory of her mother Anita Stieglitz Wishner, a great music lover and supporter of the Arts. Viola always took a personal interest in the winners of this special award and was particularly proud of their accomplishments. We have chosen to name the audience prize going forward in her memory.

The ALICE AND ARTHUR NAGLE BEQUEST was established by the Nagle’s estate to provide the funds for a debut recital in a prestigious Washington location for the winner of the WIC for Piano. The Nagles were the premier duo piano team in the area for almost 50 years and concertized extensively. They were long time members and honorees of the FMMC.

Other Foundation funds applicable to the Washington International Competition include the Dorothy Crost Bourgin Fund, the Adele Hargreaves Wolsey Fund, the Mary Price Endowment for Strings, the Anne Yano McGuffey Fund, the Adele H. Woolley Endowment, the Phyllis G. Young Endowment, Norman and Joan Sugarman, Albert and Betryce Prosterman, Edward Earle Ferguson, Josephine Bever Estate, Mildred Henninger Fund, Bill Weaver, Jan and Nick Timbers, Judith Shapiro, Genevieve Mason, Lois Smith Jones.

We welcome your inquiries regarding funding an award or supporting one of our competitions. Please contact Foundation Director, Grace McFarlane, for further information: All contributions are fully tax deductible.